Ok, so this was the plan: to find a cosy place and settle down for a little while as off about 1 month before our baby's due date (though we prefer to talk about due month). This is what happened in stead.

We were on our way to Alentejo when we stopped in Sintra area, near Lisbon. It was hard to find a place for the night and eventually we chose a spot behind a ruin on a cliff, trying to protect ourselves from extreme wind. We felt a little lost and in fact didn't know really which way we were heading. We had tried to stay away from bush fires, extreme heat and now the wind. But we didn't want to stay away from anything any longer, we wanted to be going towards something. All we knew was we wanted to follow our intuition, using our common sense and believe in the picture we had drawn for the birth period.

The picture showed a happy home in nature where we could build a firm, welcoming and safe nest for our youngest little love and meet the right people nearby.

Now 1 month before 'due date' had passed by and we still had no idea. Lots of reasons had kept us from finding 'it' when we wanted it, though we didn't manage to understand why. All we could do was trying to keep faith, eventhough fear and sorrow became stronger every day as we worked on plan b, c and d.

Two mornings later, on a more sheltered place nearby the cliff, our boy saw a dog. His name was 'Spot', as we would soon find out. We started talking with the lady who belonged to Spot and soon not only shared a beautiful, uplifting conversation but also received some valuable tips. Through her we met a wonderful doula not long after. And through this doula another world full of great people started to cross our path. It became clear: this is a good place to be. But we soon found out that this beautiful region would be impossible to settle down in for us. Near the coast, near Lisbon and high season: we won't find a home here.

Eventually we decided to continue our road to Alentejo where we met a most inspiring mother of 3 who shared her unique birth stories with us. We felt empowered from head to toe. And again realised we still hadn't found our spot yet. The Sintra region kept calling us back and meanwhile a dozen of people were searching for us too. We had asked agencies, many houses online, bars, local shops and everyone we met. One time we found a room and were utterly happy, but later received the message it was a mistake; the room was not available. All we heard day after day was: "Sorry, no place available until end of next month and later."
We started to feel a bit like Mary and Joseph...

However, by now we almost knew for sure this was where we had to be (we've had a few 'impossibilities' in life before). Almost, because the fear was still there ("What for heaven's sake are we doing?! We're about to have a baby and we don't even know where...!"). So every morning we greeted our fears and took out a word of wisdom for each of us, hoping to feed faith. Words like:

"Give yourself the time to just be there,"
"What is growing, is growing still" and
"The most wonderful tale is life itself."

Until 1 week ago. We went for an evening stroll on the beach and again our son met a dog. Again named 'Spot' (seriously). We started talking with the man who belonged to this Spot and...

... Now we're building our bird's nest in his family house which was (miraculously for this region) empty, surrounded by a most incredible garden, overlooking the ocean and submerged in wonder. 2 weeks before the 40 weeks date. The former people had just moved out, there was a bit of work to be done, it comes with a lot of toys and it unexpectedly fits our budget.

It took us a little while to believe this could be true. But then, when we asked our baby: "Do you want to start your life on earth here?" and a contagious dance move came as an answer, we realised: We are just puppets on a string in a world full of miracles.

Bye now fear, hello faith.