"Shall we play in the mud pools?" our boy asked to his little friend Anoú. Her beautiful eyes glinstered as she looked at him. They've been friends almost from the very moment they met. They speak to each other in their own language - Swiss and Dutch - and don't need a translator. Their tear filled laughter keeps echoing around the vans.

It started 2 weeks ago when we were looking for a place to stay for the night. We spotted some vans near the beautiful praia da Amoreira. They were 3 nomadic families as we would soon find out. Shortly after we were welcomed another van joined. Here we were, 5 traveling families with small kids having a great time together.

Two days later we went to Aljezur, a nearby town where soon the group expanded. The days and evenings filled themselves with jam sessions, full moon ceremony, hippie market, happy food, connecting talks and lots of playing for the children. Meanwhile, for the 3rd time (!) we bumped into our friends from Expedition Family Happiness... Life is too cool to believe in coincidence.
In total we were 9 vans from 7 different countries, joined together as one big family. Eventually we all continued our own paths, knowing they will cross again sooner or later. And simply feeling thankful to be part of this nomadic family! ❤

Meanwhile we've been back on the road for almost 3 weeks. We had more '(non-)coincidence' experiences, visited several old friends and slowly grow into our new family on the road life. And by the time we share this Bas' mother has arrived to be with us for a week. Too much going on to describe extensively; fortunately pictures can tell more words...

Love from Olhao!