You have given the most glorious gift to our family and the most beautiful chapter to our journey. It's a hard job to leave behind a place that has had such a transforming impact on our lives...! You were chosen by our child to welcome him with a paradise birth. It was our greatest love dance and the beginning of a whole new journey. It feels like we are leaving behind a new found Home.

Two more nights will we be here. Two more nights in the intimacy of one-parent-one-child sharing a bed; mother and baby in one, father and son in the other bedroom. All 4 of us have loved this new way of sleeping (as far as sleeping was involved). The amount of 1-on-1 contact with our children, the singing and feeding rituals in one room and story reading and hut building in the other, the awaking voices in the morning,... it will all be different when we move back into the van. We'll have a tenth of the space we have now, no oven, no bathroom, no washing machine. And yet, the road is calling us.

Dear Lisette, Marjorie, Hugo, Marsha, Radmilla, Kerry, Luis, Nuno, Sean, Elaine, Cris, Christiana, Bárbara, Kelly, Angela, Manu, Maartje, Tobi, Inge, Alex, Lúcia, Janaína, Liliana, Sofia, Luz, Vasco, Concha, Nadia, Robin, Oriana, Isaura, Johann, Tinkuy and 7Nomes:
Thank you. Thank you for crossing our paths in the time we were here. Thank you for showing us the magic of this region, thank you for mother blessings and baby blessings, for flying over to be with us, for sharing stories, wholesome food, divine massages, homes, clothes, music, surfboards, play mates, birthday fun, inspiration, encouragement, love and friendship. Words can't express our gratefulness, hopefully our love can.

Although it feels like we could settle down here, it's time to continue our journey. We don't like to say goodbye so we don't. All we say is: muito obrigado for having been our home, our gratitude will stay forever.

Until next time, all our love,

Miriam, Bas, Tijn Sebastian & Bodhi Eden