Sometimes time goes so much faster than we do, it's almost hard to catch up with all that happens. For example, we've been wanting to write about a fantastic new friendship with a Dutch family a month ago. #Gezinsgelukopreis, represented by Pieternel, Robert, Sofie and Simon, is a beautiful traveling family of 4 who as we speak just came home after being on the road for one year.

Their own resume about our week together said it all: a natural like-mindedness, our sons who became happy friends (and who at times look like real twins), daily river swimmings, sharing music nostalgia, dancing and very pure conversations under the Southern French stars. In the evening you could hear the gentle voices of the two fathers coming out of both vans as they read the children a bedtime story. Sweetest dish washing spot on earth...
Our time together was empowering in many ways, apparently for each of us.

By the time we started to miss our friends another beautiful family, Jessica, Nicolas, Ulyse, Basile and dog Sam from France, crossed our path. Again we spent a week together and even both our VW T3 vans seemed to enjoy each other's company. The daily play times for our children, swimmings and open hearted conversations continued gloriously.
We heartily treasure the joy of family friendships!!

And so our home on wheels roams through Northern Spain while:

- Bas gets spontaneous surfing lessons from our van-neighbours as we enjoy his contagious surf kick;
- just as spontaneously we have musical camp fires with the same neighbours and learn to make Tamari pop corn on it;
- we have a little tow adventure to the garage to have a leaking oil tube fixed;
- every morning before sunrise Miriam goes for a swim in the ocean;
- we have a great little reunion with Marie, one of the inn keepers with whom Miriam stayed during her pilgrimage a few years ago;
- through her we meet wonderful and very hospitable people with their great project #lenguajedeartista;
- we survive the extreme heat wave in Galicia and Northern Portugal by sheltering in and along the Atlantic coast;
- our boy is full of stories which he tells daily to Miriam's growing belly and
- the same growing belly brings us to the last chapter of this part of the journey.

A few days ago we arrived in Portugal. There were wild stories going around about record breaking temperatures between 40 and 50˚C and... Well, it wasn't really cold indeed. As we drive through dozens of kilometers of forests that dramatically burned down last year, we can almost feel the despair that must have raged here.

But what probably lives most in our minds now, is that last chapter that we've entered here in Portugal. This is where we will look for a home that feels good to welcome our baby next month. We now take the time to consciously absorb and then slowly leave behind the family that we currently still are:
The three of us on a journey, with our little morning and evening rituals, the moments alone when one of us takes our son for a walk and the moments with the two of us when he's asleep. Soon our togetherness will change in a way that we don't know yet. And no matter how much we look forward to that, the time feels very ready to be focussed, as much as we can, on the one who made us a family: our own petit prince.

Com amor e até breve!