Sometimes it just happens; out of nowhere a perfect answer comes to a question you weren't even aware of.
That was exactly how I felt on June 5 around twilight, when we sat down a French lake near Luxembourg.

The weeks before we left had been stuffed with to do's which made us almost forget that preparations are a mental matter at least as much as they're practical. It took an evening stroll or two to find back what we really wanted to do and why:

We just continue our way. And therewith that what drives us.

Through time, we've had many valuable encounters and insights and that is our current starting point. This journey has 4 'themes':

4. to continue to explore the meaning of 'home' for us;
3. to share our experiences by which we give space to our creative passions;
2. to grow in our relationships: with ourselves, each other, in our parent-and-childhood and our surroundings;

and of course on

1. the journey to the birth of our second little miracle.

And right now, as I'm writing this down, it strikes me as I realize this is in slightly different words exactly the list of 4 wishes that we boldly toasted on at New year's eve (with bubbles because at that time we had no idea that the first wish was already on its way)...
I didn't realize that before.

The 'home'-part got already some special attention in the first few days of our trip. After the last goodbyes we drove to a family in Belgium who gave us a warm sparkle of their 'home'. They live a nature based life in a little house in the middle of the forest where we were welcomed at a table full of freshly picked and baked yumminess - definitely part of our home-ideas - , meanwhile sharing about their activities. They've formed their lives in a way that they are free to give their time to what moves them: making music, natural medicines and being with their cheerful 5-year old son, who is learning according to his own interests and at his own pace. What we saw was peaceful, grateful and simple. When we talked about the word home, the father pointed out a feeling that we recognize:
It's not necessarily a place, but moreover a state of being.

The next morning we met some more home schooling families during one of their weekly gatherings at the children's farm. I recognized a kind of freedom with the kids that I've seen more often with children who don't go to school. It's contagious, unforced. The subject school versus not school and especially all the options in between is surely one that we want to keep exploring.

Back to the lake.
The to-do-mode (read: must-mode) in which until recently we were acting is still in our system. Being on the road feels like slowly getting rid of it, real slowly though. I still wake up thinking: "What was on today's list again?" And when we summarize all the things that keep our minds busy, it's not easy to keep the must-mode turned off.
That's how I sat down near the lake thinking about all the things I wanted to be done, while our little boy was counting mating water spiders.

And all of a sudden, it was gone. The to-do-page was turned and a fresh new page came into the picture. What I saw went from 2-D to 3-D, as if I finally woke up. Under a red sky I sat there in between my two most loved men and an equally loved little soul in my belly. Surrounded by nature who, in her old wisdom, doesn't ask big questions but just shows us how to live and let live. We silently listened to a frog concert. All that my senses perceived was a perfect answer to anything that had filled the mind. This very moment, just this, is enough reason to be back on our journey.

Speaking about home...