Today one year ago, we were walking through our house for the last time. Tijn was the only one laughing; we walked around with melancholic tears in our eyes as we said goodbye to each room and tree. We thanked the place for the years and phases that had passed by while each corner brought a 'Ah, you remember when...'-memory.

We had looked forward to the freedom after selling our house, but when the moment was there, we strongly felt how entering a new phase will always go together with leaving one behind. Therefore our tears felt welcome.

Today we closed another door behind us for an undetermined period of time. We left a nice house and 3 sweet cats, the last house sitting place of this Summer, because:

Yes! Finally, it's time for the road trip we had planned to do this Summer: exploring alternative living in the Netherlands. However, in June our van broke down and she needed a long time to get her new engine. Our roadtrip became a house-and-pet-sitting-trip which literally brought us to a halt. We're happy to share about what we learned from that, next time. 

Now we're focused on what we're up to next:
We want to visit people who live in a way that somehow triggers us, that inspires us in our own wishes of how to live. We've summarized our personal trigger-interests in a few key words that will hang in our van:

Little playmates
Natural parenting

We'd love to take you along and give you (and ourselves) an impression of what we mean by these words.

But most of all we want to be on the road together again; to feel what it was like to wake up between frogs and cows, to sing songs to the windshield and to slide through landscapes and be able to stop any moment. And to have an open road where our compass is hanging on the wall in 9 key words.

The weather forecast is funny: Summer days and Winter nights... Bring them on!

But first we've outsourced our little man for a night at his grandma's so that we can remind ourselves what it's like to not have to share each other, just óne last time...

With love