"Are you awake?"
I love the sound of morning whispers, especially closeby.
"Yes," I whisper back, "I'm writing."
"In the dark?"
"In my head."
"You can add this if you want."
I receive a kiss.

We hear a little boy greeting the animals in his bed. Goose, blue elephant and big head monkey listen politely. We can hear how our homeland wakes up behind the curtains.

So yes, we're currently back in the Netherlands and waking up in the beautiful little second home of our dear friends. We've been back for a little over a month now and clearly needed a full month to 'arrive' (eventhough I still wonder if we actually did). We enjoy good times with relatives and friends while meandering through Belgium and Holland. It's a colorful time; fantastic, crazy, precious, intense, surprising and familiar.

Seeing our loved ones and especially meeting newborn beauties is priceless. At the same time, we notice how we've slowly grown away from a life that was once familiar to us. Where mortgage and alarm clock were rather determinative. That's quite far away now.

When we both wrote down our personal wishes some time ago, we funneled the content of our writings and squeezed 2 main pillars out of it:


Freedom & Connection


Free to give our time to what and the ones we love, to travel, serve, create and share and to raise our child in harmony with his nature.
Connected to ourselves, our loved ones, our surroundings, to like minds and nature.

These past couple of months have been filled with encounters that enriched our journey. We met the most heartwarming examples of people who follow their passions, sometimes bravely far away from anything familiar, but so close to themselves. Which encourages us greatly to follow our own paths too. That, and the great love, support and inspirational talks we share here back 'home'.

Meanwhile there has been a growing connection going on with friends in the Netherlands with whom we share similar dreams. That inspired us to continue our exploration within the Netherlands before heading abroad again.

So that's roughly what we're up to now: visiting people, places and projects about natural living in Holland and meanwhile sniffing the beauties of our own beloved country.

Eventhough we may suddenly cross a border here or there again to satisfy our van's addicition...


So who knows we might pass by, until then: love from pre-summering Holland!