So apparently we've been kicking long enough against our efforts to get our activities on social media more frequently, more open and more (cough) organized. We are both happily able to not perform any online activity for days in a row and longer. We even notice how peaceful it is to do so. Raising the question: Isn't our real life suffering from the online moments?

Still, the desire (and requests) to share what we are doing kept persitently coming back. And not entirely without a reason, as we believe.

During our travels and within many encounters we came to realize that what we are aiming for is not unique; it's driven by a very basic instinct:

Wishing to live in a way that corresponds with who we are.

It's something that is familiar to many. What's less familiar is to experience the right to do. How differently have we been taught to live. How far away from natural ways have we been programmed. It starts at school where we learn to focus on our weaker marks instead of our strongest ones.

That's why we feel like sharing our experiences, including the adventures, the certainties and uncertainties, the questions and the fun.

In progress and to be expected:

How to survive together on 8 m²
How to fulfill Tijn's needs ánd each of ours
How to afford traveling
How to find and live our passions
Travel stories

Hasta la próxima!